Pellet stove black quartz crystal 3/8

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Pellet stove black quartz crystal lighting resistor - ignitor, with 3/8" GAS threaded connection.

Airtight version.

Diameter: 11,5 x 4 mm.

Total length: 126 mm.

Up to screw length: 90 mm.

Power: 300 Watt.

Temperature up to: 1000°C

The Black Quartz Crystal Igniter (Candle, Spark Plug, Resistance) also called "Vulcano and Nitro" is the new generation for the combustion of pellets and other biomass boilers.

The result of long development and experience, the Nitro and Vulcano Igniter are simply the best solution on the market to ignit pellets. With only a small fraction of the energy required, the Black Quartz Crystal igniter burn the pellets in fews  seconds. With a considerably higher temperature than steel and ceramic igniter, the ignition is reduced to less than 60 seconds. This reduces system consumption.

Maintenance will be all the more simplified.

The Black Quartz Crystal  igniter is made of a flange  that allows the combustion air to pass. With this unique structure, the ambient air injected into the igniter support tube) goes from 25 ° C to 1000 ° C in a few seconds and the combustion speed is multiplied by 2.

- In 10 seconds it reaches more than 1000 ° and the temperature remains constant.

- G 3/8 universal or flanged attachment, designed to fit all existing stoves and boilers.

- High resistance to oxidation, chemical and natural corrosion.

- Designed to fit all existing stoves and boilers.

- Sows wood, sawdust, wood chips, logs and wood briquettes, coal, straw and other biomass.
New innovations:

- Unlike the ceramic ingniter, in the case of a point of contact with the ash or the tube holder, it does not create a short circuit.

- Vulcano and Nitro are 2 times more resistant to mechanical shock than ceramics igniters.

- High resistance to combustion ash and thermal shock.

- Specially designed shape with flange and reduced volume of the Black Quartz Crystal to better pass the combustion air.

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