CONTROLLER MICRONOVA I050 - Για σόμπες/λέβητες πέλλετ


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I050  MICRONOVA control board for pellet stoves

- 4 fastening pierces

- Up to 600 °C smoke probe

- Temperature probe

- With encoder connection

- RS232 connexion for PC connection

PI050_A04 MICRONOVA card, for thermic control, has been designed to programme and organise all features of pallet stoves CANALISED AIR (display customer has to choose which programming during the order using the curtain menu on this site) by its inputs and outputs.

The reliable operating software allows easy and flexible programming of all devices that are connected to the card. The I050 can replace all themo-controller of almost all sold stoves.

It also has available some advanced skills that are assigned to the technician who can insert working parameters by the display keyboard or by the computer using the RS232 SERAMI interface or the SeramiNet software.

The control panel consents to set operating parameters, to enter two levels by a password and to act on working state shown by display.

- User menu enables to change parameters as switching ON/OFF, fan control, working temperature control, pellet loading, brazier cleaning, final cleaning and alarm reset.

- The technician menu acts on advanced parameters as thermic calibration, pellet loading, output and input activation deactivation, resetting of counter memories, etc.

- The controller displays all information about operating state, room temperature, menu levels, alarms.


For stoves

- CADEL Ref. COM0231-2 Mod. Adina (no firmware)

- CADEL Ref. 4D14512022 Mod. Diana - Nice (no firmware)

- DEVILLE ref. D0026729 + D0026585 mod. Armen - Cordouan (no firmware)

- DEVILLE ref. D0026718 + D0026585 mod. Faraman (no firmware)

- DEVILLE ref. D0026778 + D0026585 mod. Frehel - Kereon 2 - Penlan - Penmen - Sambro (no firmware)

- DEVILLE ref. D0026777 + D0026585 mod. Kereon (no firmware)

- DEVILLE ref. D0026726 + D0026585 mod. Kermorvan (no firmware)

- DEVILLE ref. D0026525 + D0026585 mod. Lohic (no firmware)

- DEVILLE ref. D0026090 + D0026585 mod. Vestalis (no firmware)

- ECOTECK ref. 55116 (no firmware)

- EMAFLAM ref. R2600519 mod. Alma - Citra - Diama - Hema - Sandro (no firmware)

- KARMEK ONE ref. SML510-01AA mod. Barcellona - Berlino - Elena - Linda - Parigi - Roma - Samantha - Siena - Stoccolma - Venezia (no firmware)

- RAVELLI ref 55116 mod. Francesca - Monica - Sofia - Silvia - Alice 2003 - Silvia 2002 x 14710014 (no firmware)


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